The first time we met we didn’t speak a word of English. During our Freshman year at Trinity College, we both found ourselves in a Russian language class. At one point in the semester we ended up being the only students to attend a Russian Choral music concert and holiday market. Keep in mind we were driven by our zany Russian professor in her boat of a car, so naturally we bonded. After freshman year, we were in the periphery of each other’s lives by way of living in the same dorm and sharing mutual friends. We had no idea that we would come back into each other’s lives 3 years later as Seniors when we started dating. After a little encouragement from our close friend and seasoned enabler Luc Rioual, we started spending more time together. It didn’t take long to discover that we were meant for each other. With a shared passion for ice cream and adventure, we quickly fell in love.

Fast forward five and a half years to a rainy spring day in Brooklyn. Despite the poor weather, we went to the Brooklyn Botanic garden to see the cherry blossoms. This was all a ruse, of course - tucked away in Sean’s pack was the engagement ring. To get home, Sean suggested a walk through Prospect Park. As we wandered and talked, our route took us to the Rose Garden, a secluded and long overgrown corner of the park. We stopped to admire two magnolia trees in full bloom, which stood in stark contrast to the gray rainy day. Just then, the rain stopped, and the sun started to peek through the clouds. Knowing that this was the moment he’d been looking for, Sean’s heart started pounding. He launched into his proposal speech, starting off with a quotation that sounded a lot better when he had rehearsed it in his head... this prompted Kayla to reply “Well, that was random!” A bit flustered but undeterred, Sean continued on, and quickly, Kayla realized what was happening. Sean finally got to the point and bent down on one knee on the soaking wet ground and proposed. Through laughter and tears, Kayla said yes.

We are so excited to celebrate our wedding on the farm in Virginia this April. Nothing will make us happier than to be surrounded by our wonderful friends and families in a beautiful setting. We cannot imagine any other way of celebrating the start of our life together as a married couple.